Prioritizing the needs of our People over Profits.

Affordable group housing residences for Arizonans, COMING SOON 2023.

The principle of POP Properties AZ:

Empowerment means people having power and control over their own lives. People get the support they need that is right for them. Empowerment means that people are equal citizens. They are respected and confident in their communities. You can’t empower someone else or make someone empowered.

Empowerment can also be defined as supporting opportunities for people in important ways listed below:

  • Triggers social mobilization
  • Building of alliances and coalitions
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • A rise in levels of awareness
  • Heightened consciousness
  • Confidence building


POP Properties AZ is our founder’s vision to rebuild America’s backbone.

POP Properties AZ is a solution for our protected classes that face unstable housing circumstances due to unaffordable rising costs, life-changing events, or are simply down on their luck.

In Arizona, there has been more than a 30% increase in the price of apartment rentals last year, and a more than 20% increase in single-family rentals last year. All of this is happening even though Phoenix is leading the nation in development. –

Our organization is determined to help the POPulation with stable-affordable housing and offer the POP vision as an investment opportunity for people wanting to really make a difference in their world. Learn more if seeking housing options or investment interest.

POP Properties AZ objective is to be the change we wish to see in the world & take action the right way.

Change is the key to empowering the people towards a safer, healthier and productive future. Education, engagement and earnings is the key to growth in all communities. POP Properties AZ is missioned to support our federally protected classes towards safer and affordable housing opportunities. Servient communities will only prosper if they can have an open heart and choose to avoid labeling and stereotypes of the group home business model. Rather than reject, work on embracing new neighbors that also seek a peaceful and non-discriminating environment.

POP Properties AZ founder is committed to offering professional mentorship programs focused on personal brand development for our residents. POP will collaborate with community service agencies missioned to help people get the resources they need to maintain a standard quality of living. Are you or do you know someone that has unstable living conditions and are in need of a fresh start, click the housing option that fits best. Our team will follow up with you in 2023 about affordable housing options.

Founder’s Why:

“I felt firsthand the confusion and frustration with life as a child when I was bouncing from home to home, living with strangers, and being raised within condemnable conditions. I plan to help as many people get a chance to live in peace and prosperity through POP Properties AZ.”

– Salina

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