POP Resident Benefits

We Offer:

All utilities paid

Drug & alcohol-free environment

Phone & Internet

Private & semi-private rooms

No credit checks

Washer & Dryer

Resident Mentorship Program

Every POP Properties AZ resident will be enrolled in a personal development mentorship program. It is their choice to participate. This program will offer life coaching exercises to help the resident excel in self-interest topics. Our founder has years of proven professional coaching and mentorship that have produced positive peer results.

Community Service Credits

Residents of POP Properties AZ encourage giving back to our communities’ agencies in need. Residents will be required to volunteer at a partnered food bank to help those in need. This will give them a chance to identify prospective tenants in need of housing. Every referred and accepted new tenant will earn the current resident $50 off the monthly rent.

Local Resource Network

Our founder’s experience in the healthcare industry introduced her to a new network of extremely helpful and wonderful people. They work at agencies that are more than giving to those in need and are ready to support our residents if a challenge ever arises.

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