Founder’s Purpose

Salina Roa – Founder of POP Properties AZ LLC, 2022.

Licensed Arizona Real Estate Agent with Re/Max real estate company.

University of Toledo double Master’s of Business Administration in the areas of Organizational Leadership and Marketing.

Graduated cum laude from the UT College of Health & Human Services Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies.

8 successful years of experience in corporate sales leadership in international logistics and senior healthcare industries.

5 successful years of non-profit experience with the University of Toledo Athletic Department.

Self-made business professional and passionate community engager.

Progress is a process. Fail forward.

Why Arizona?

Arizona is home to me now. I was raised in a small village in northwest Ohio with limited resources within a 55-mile radius. Employment opportunities moved me to Tempe, AZ in 2014. Needless to say, I’m never looking back, only forward. People are in need of support and I can’t help but empathize. I ask myself, how can I serve Arizona in a way that can create a quality of life for myself and others? Hence, POP Properties AZ.

What can I offer the Arizona community?

I’m an American Dreamer with a confident vision of a realistic plan to help people. Selfishly, I don’t jump into projects without doing my research and risk management analysis. My professional experience and education have prepared me to take on visionary change in business. My innovative ideas are people-conscious with a plan of execution supported by creative problem-solving.


Group homes have a stigma attached that only degenerates, criminals or nuisance neighbors occupy these residences and bring down the value of your community. This is not correct. Protected classes are defined by the federal government fair housing act to recognize; race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), familial status, and disability. So protesting against specific demographics of tenants would be considered discrimination.

Click here for more information on Fair Housing Act.

Unfortunately, there is a ripened generational mindset that group homes bring in problems. We plan to ‘pop’ that bubble and rebuild this industry to meet the needs and protect the public. POP Properties AZ will not only house these persons but will do so with consideration of placement availability based on person needs compared to available community resources.

An investment in housing is an investment in family stability, children’s success and economic health of our entire state.

Ned Lamont, CT Govenor

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